Rencay motorized stand with rail

 The Rencay stand with rail, in conjunction with a DiRECT camera system, forms a digitization system for large originals. With the help of the motorized column, the height can easily be adjusted to the document holder.
The adjustment of distance and height is made particularly easy by the FlashFocus function of the DiRECT camera system. The built-in mechanical brake prevents the stand from moving after the distance has been set. The integrated tilt head makes an additional tilt head unnecessary. The rail consists of 1.5 m long segments and can therefore be put together to the required length. The individual segments can also be easily transported.
The camera or quick change adapter are mounted with a 3/8" screw.
The robust motorized column is operated via a power supply that can also supply the DiRECT camera system. This means that no additional power supply is required.
As an option, the stand and camera system can be operated via a power bank and be completely mobile.


Camera system mounted with the quick change adapter

3 storage areas are available, e.g. for a notebook and other items


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