The quick change adapter on the repro column


Adapter plate with screw (1/4" or 3/8")


The quick change adapter mounted on the Rencay stand


Rencay quick change adapter

The Rencay quick change adapter is a reliable holder for the Rencay DiRECT camera system. Other cameras can be added via an adapter plate.

The quick change adapteris included with the Rencay DiRECT camera system. In order to be able to switch between 2 workstations (e.g. repro column and stand with rail), a second adapter can be purchased.

The quick change adapter is mounted on via a 3/8" screw.



The camera system cannot fall down even if the lock is opened. This is also the case when the adapter is used e.g. horizontally on a studio stand. This protects the valuable camera system from damage.

The adapter is very robust. The parallel position of the camera system is always maintained, even if you switch to another workstation.

The quick change adapter enables the camera system to be changed easily between different workstations.




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