Fine Art - high-quality images for outstanding printing results

Fine Art places special demands on the reproduction of details and the color fidelity of the digital reproduction.

Through our consistent color management workflows and the correct reproduction of colors based on Rencay technology, we offer our Fine Art customers a perfect solution for reproducing original works in print.

Free adjustment of the light to emphasize or smooth structures, as well as our shading correction are further factors that contribute to a perfect reproduction.

In addition to the complete system, individual components are also available that can be integrated into an existing system. Please ask...


Shading correction and lighting

Even illumination

The shading correction is an important function for perfect reproductions. It is primarily used to correct uneven lighting due to lighting or lens properties. With this simple function you get reproductions that are completely evenly illuminated.

Structural lighting

The way the light is directed determines the highlighting of structures. This can be done particularly finely by manual adjustment. In connection with the lighting control, the lighting can be easily changed, as the lighting units are switched separately.

Lighting options

If structures are to be worked out, the original can be illuminated more strongly from one side. The resulting uneven illumination corrects the illumination correction (see picture on the left). The same applies to textures, paper structures, reflective metals, gold letters, etc.

Depending on the application, structures can be highlighted or reduced


Appropriate digitization solution

⇨DiRECT Universal H + digitizing system with easel for paintings
   (on a canvas stretcher, wooden panel or framed)

⇨Easel can be tilted for a safe reception of the painting

⇨Optionally, a magnetic board or an electrostatic adhesive
   frame for paper can be used in the easel


Modern LED Lighting

The CN1200DSA LED light offers a very high light output with a low power consumption of 72W, as well as very good color rendering (CRI RA = 96). The color temperature is nominally 5600K (daylight).

Depending on the size of the original and the required light output, several lights are used:
2 pieces up to DIN A1, 4 pieces up to DIN A0, 6 pieces up to 2x DIN A0, 8 pieces up to 4x DIN A0

The lights can be controlled via the scan software using a control device.


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