Rencay film holder

The film holder consists of 2 optical glass plates, which are connected by a hinge. A film or negative can be placed between the glass plates and kept plan.
The upper glass plate can be opened approx. 100° and placed on the upper stop for easier handling.


  • Any film formats
  • High-resolution reproduction of archives including the film edges
  • Easy to use for fast workflow
  • Exact positioning of the originals by using the passe-partouts
  • Easy cleaning even when using adhesive tape
  • Optical glass plates for high resolution reproductions with minimal impact on color reproduction


As the glass plates are not anti-Newton glass, it is recommended to use the supplied 0.5mm thick passe-partout to avoid Newton interference. Thus the slide or negative is not pressed completely flat, but kept only within a plane with 0.5mm plan. This largely avoids Newton rings. At the same time it ensures that the slide or negative is hold within the depth of field of the scanner. The passe-partout simultaneously reduces the stray light falling into the lens.
Alternatively a custom passe-partout made of construction paper can be used depending on the application. The construction paper should be much thicker than the film. Adhesive tape or similar may also be used, e.g. to digitize several negative strips in one scan.


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