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Historical map

Single map from a historical atlas from 1914

The map has a format of about DIN A2 and contains many fine details and hatching.

The map was scanned with a DiRECT 16k³ camera system at 900dpi.

Gutenberg Bible Göttingen

Gold decorated page of the Gutenberg Bible Göttingen

The page was scanned at 500dpi by Martin Liebetruth at the Göttingen State and University Library.

The gold letter was particularly beautifully brought out with the help of a special lighting setup.

Glass negative

Glass negative of the LVR Industriemuseum

The laboriously restored glass negative was scanned with 1500dpi at the LVR Oberhausen and archived as 48-bit TIFF.

The large 48-bit color gamut allows lossless conversion to a positive.


Multichip module with 9 ASICs of the HRSC camera of the ESA Mars Express Mission

The module was scanned at 4700dpi with a DiRECT 16k³ camera system.

Due to the height of the module, a particularly high depth of field of the camera system is required.

Artwork charcoal on paper

Artwork charcoal on paper from Lucia, Mexico

This paper work is extremely detailed and was scanned with a DiRECT 24k³ camera system.

With the achieved resolution of more than 2000dpi, the fine structure of the paper is not only visible but can also be experienced.


Large format outdoor macro shot

Blue gentian photographed on a mountain meadow above Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria

Linhof Master Technika with 16k³ scanback and macro lens (resolution of the displayed image section approx. 420MPixel)


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