Archival material larger than DIN A0 and paintings

More resolution with 24k³ technology - the finest details on large formats

Due to the better manageability, large originals can best be digitized vertically. Depending on the application, there are vaccum walls, electrostatic adhesive frames, card holders and magnetic holders up to 4x DIN A0 formats. An easel is ideal for paintings. Existing easels, vacuumwalls or other template holders can continue to be used and integrated into an automated digitization system.

Since the basic principle of the system is not limited in format, even larger originals can be digitized with the help of special holders. The Rencay DiRECT camera system provides the extremely high resolution required (e.g. 4x DIN A0 at 300dpi).

Appropriate digitization solution

DiRECT Universal H + horizontal system

⇨ Easy to use
⇨ High-end image quality with 48-bit workflow
⇨ High resolution (300dpi @ 4-fold DIN A0)
⇨ Variable document holders
⇨ Existing vacuum wall or other document holders can be integrated
⇨ Expandable and flexible


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