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CamCradle with a 100 ° opening angle and minimal contact with the book pages



CamCradle - book digitization system with 100 ° opening angle

The CamCradle goes back to a famous digitization project. The Parker Library in Cambridge was digitized with this system. The Parker Library is England's oldest library and houses the kingdom's most valuable books.

  • Special book cradle with 100 ° opening angle
  • Only slight contact with the book page
  • Large formats and fold-out pages possible
  • Suitable for heavy books
  • Vacuum bar as an option
  • Various lighting devices available
  • Good reproduction of gold surfaces
  • LED lighting
  • Configurable lighting system and camera system

Technical data

• Max. page size without vacumm bar 50 x 80 cm
• Max. page size with vacuum bar 40 x 35 cm
• Weight of the CamCradle approx. 80kg
• Weight of the camera stand approx. 25kg
• Size of the entire system: L 200 x H 180 x W 120 cm
• Camera stand for various camera systems
• High end image quality with Rencay DiRECT camera system for
   digitization with 400 or 600 dpi

Special solution possible

Already realized in practice, there is the possibility to enlarge the cradle.

The Royal Library in Brussels uses a CamCradle for large and heavy parchment books. A book page has the dimensions up to 85 x 55 cm.

Wolfenbüttel Rook Reflector with 45 ° opening angle and glass wedge

Wolfenbüttel Rook Reflector – Special solution for books that can hardly be opened

The Wolfenbüttel Book Reflector was developed in cooperation with the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel and has been used successfully in book digitization there for several years.

  • Special book cradle with 45 ° opening angle
  • Pressed on with a glass wedge with manual operation for maximum protection
  • LED lighting device
  • Page size up to 45 x 45 cm
  • Configurable lighting system and camera system
  • High end image quality with Rencay DiRECT camera system
    for digitization with 400 or 600 dpi



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