Documentation and quality assurance in industry, institutions or forensics

Due to the enormous detail and structure reproduction quality of the Rencay DiRECT camera system, there are many applications in the field of industrial documentation and quality assurance or forensics. The high reproducibility of the workflows ensures consistent quality, while the shading correction helps to exclude undesirable lighting effects. Thanks to the technology of the trilinear scanning process, disturbing moiré effects cannot occur and the smallest details, even with low contrast, are documented. The flexible adaptation of the systems enables quick and easy work with a wide variety of material.

Appropriate digitization solution

DiRECT Universal V +

⇨ High end image quality with 48Bit workflow
⇨ High resolution (600dpi @ DIN A0)
⇨ Easy to use
⇨ High throughput
⇨ Expandable and flexible


The V + system can be tailored to any new application. You get the complete system from a single source ...


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