Why 2808 MPixel resolution?

The Rencay 16k³ and 24k³ systems deliver an extremely high resolution with their multiscan process. The question arises as to which applications such resolutions are required for.

Large format originals

Large maps and plans in 4-fold DIN A0 format or larger can be digitized with the 24k³ system with 300 dpi.
Often stitching is not an option with this type of original. The originals are often fragile and difficult to handle. Some maps were assembled from segments during manufacture. The stitching algorithm fails at the transitions.

Higher demands

Due to the high quality of the valuable originals, the demands on digitization are increasing. Today, 400 or 600 dpi are often required to capture all the details. Compared to a resolution of 300 dpi, four times the amount of data is required for 600 dpi.
The Rencay 24k³ system can digitize a DIN A0 + format with 600dpi. Transparency materials such as aerial photographs or large-format glass negatives also require a very high resolution when digitizing in order to capture all the details.

In this way, previously unprocessed archive holdings can be adequately digitized.


Always enough resolution for large and detailed originals