Rencay Benefits

More resolution

The multi-scan process allows the basic resolution of the trilinear scanner to be increased through flowing and highly precise movements of the sensor in the X and Y directions. For previously unknown resolutions.

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More image quality

In addition to the high resolution, the clear reproduction of details and structures is particularly important. Particularly critical originals, such as originals with a print raster or metal surfaces, are reproduced perfectly.

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More flexibility

More flexibility through modularity - the heart of a Rencay complete system is the DiRECT camera system with a resolution of up to 2808 MPixel. Many different system components are combined into a tailor-made digitization system. With the help of the Rencay quick change adapter, the DiRECT camera system can also be used at different workstations. Additional components can be added at any time - for new tasks ...

Sustainable investment

Large power reserves, the modularity of the systems, the expansion options and, last but not least, the industrial quality of the components protect your investment and enable a very long life of your system. This protects the environment and resources.

Our comprehensive services secure your investment for all future tasks.


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