DiRECT Universal H+ Systems

⇨ Easy handling ⇨ High end image quality with 48Bit workflow ⇨ High resolution (300dpi @ 4-fold DIN A0) ⇨ Variable document holders ⇨ Existing vacuum wall or other document holders can be integrated ⇨ Expandable and flexible

Rencay stand with DiRECT camera system as a core component of the H + system



H + system with Rencay easel for paintings or other framed originals



Application example with a large vacuum wall



Cascade of 4 LED area lights for illuminating large formats


There are 3 different models available with different maximum resolutions. The system can be configured using the options and can also be expanded at a later date.

Universally applicable digitization system for variable original sizes and resolutions:

  • Automatically adjustable capture area and resolution
  • Original size up to 4 times DIN A1 with various holders
  • Manual setting options for critical documents
  • Projection system for positioning the original
  • High-end image quality with 48-bit workflow
  • Very good color rendering
  • Color management workflow with quality assurance
  • High throughput
  • LED lighting device with light control, adaptable to different maximum formats
  • Mobile: The system can be easily dismantled and reassembled on site


Available resolutions:

12k³ - 12000x19500 Pixel - 702 MPixel
Biggest original
       at 300 dpi: 101 x 165 cm or DIN A0+
       at 400 dpi: 76 x 123 cm or DIN A1+

16k³ - 16000x26000 Pixel - 1248 MPixel
Biggest original
       at 300 dpi: 135 x 220 cm or 2fach DIN A0+
       at 400 dpi: 101 x 165 cm or DIN A0+
       at 600 dpi: 67 x 110 cm or DIN A1+

24k³ - 24000x39000 Pixel - 2808 MPixel
Biggest original 
       at 300 dpi: 203 x 330 cm or 4fach DIN A0+
       at 400 dpi: 165 x 247 cm or 2fach DIN A0+
       at 600 dpi: 101 x 165 cm or DIN A0+


With the 24k³ resolution, very large originals can be digitized in high quality. The digitization system can be set to sizes starting with DIN A3, so that you can work efficiently with all original sizes. Due to the modularity, e.g. the easel can optionally be used with a vacuum wall. Depending on your needs, the easel can simply be put away. Special holders are possible as custom-made products. A custom-made product is comparatively economical because the actual digitization system can be used unchanged.


ICC Color Management Workflow

The DiRECT camera system provides the basis for an optimal ICC color calibration with the 48Bit trueRGB image data.

The color management software compares the image of a suitable color chart with the spectral data of the color chart and calculates an ICC profile from this. The ICC profile will later be used to convert the image into a defined color space.

We support you in choosing the appropriate color chart. In addition, we offer the individual measurement of the color chart, as this can significantly improve the quality of the ICC profiles.




Due to their high color rendering index and the light characteristics, the LED area lights are very suitable for illuminating all types of originals.

In the case of paintings or large-format maps and plans, the lights are mounted on top of each other. Up to 4 lights can be mounted on a mobile stand and thus allow the illumination of formats 4x DIN A0 and larger.

Required lights depending on the format:
2 lights for DIN A1
4 lights for DIN A0
6 lights for double DIN A0
8 lights for 4x DIN A0



Light control

The optional light control reduces the light exposure to your originals. The lights are only operated at maximum power during the scanning process. The lighting control significantly reduces power consumption and makes a contribution to environmental protection, especially in large lighting systems.


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