Digitization of transparencies

Glass plates, large-format negatives or aerial photographs require special handling and high resolution, as well as a high density range of the imaging system. Due to the often large stocks, a high throughput is required.

The digitization of historical transparency materials in high quality often requires more effort in post-processing, as the density range can vary greatly. The 48-bit workflow of the Rencay DiRECT camera system enables the range of density to be easily adjusted directly after the scan. This saves an additional processing step. Archiving the natives as 48-bit TIFF RGB (also for monochrome objects) is recommended.

Appropriate digitization solution

DiRECT Universal V + vertical system - transparencies

⇨ High end image quality with 48Bit workflow
⇨ High resolution in the macro range (e.g. 6000dpi @ 10x15cm)
⇨ Controllable lightbox
⇨ Holders for glass plates and film
⇨ Easy to use
⇨ High throughput
⇨ Expandable and flexible


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