LED area light CN1200DSA

The CN1200SA LED luminaire offers a very high light output at low power consumption of 72W, as well as a very good color rendering (CRI RA > 95). The color temperature is nominally 5600K (daylight). Color temperature and color rendering index are measured individually for each light.

Technical specifications:
• Dimensions with bracket (LxWxD): approx. 46x37x7 cm
• Size LED illuminated field: 38x25 cm
• Color temperature: 5600 ° K (tolerance range +/- 100K)
• Excellent color rendition with CRI RA> 95
• Weight: 2606 g
• Energy consumption: 72 watts
• Light intensity: approx. 8720 lux (1 m), 2360 lux (2 m), 1060 lux (3 m)
• Luminous flux: 7329 lm
• Supply voltage via power supply: 100 V-240 V ~
• Battery operation possible
• Dimmer for continuous adjustment of the light intensity
• Lifespan LEDs: approx. 50,000 hours (manufacturer information)
• Light control via DMX Input/Output


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