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The Rencay true perception GmbH is an owner-managed company based in Germany. All Rencay brand products are developed and manufactured in Germany. The know-how for the Rencay scan technology is based on many years of in-house development.
With the DiRECT 24k³, Rencay today offers a camera system with unbeatable resolution and meets today's higher demands on the digitization of art works and archival materials. The constant further development makes the Rencay systems future-proof for increasing requirements ...

Always enough resolution with Rencay - without compromise

Mars Mission Know-How

As early as the 1990s, today's managing director Martin Langfeld was involved in the camera development for the DLR's Mars Express mission. In a small team he was responsible for the development of components for the camera head of the HRSC stereo and multisprectral camera that was used on the Mars Express mission (2003 until today). A high-resolution image of the multichip module built into the HRSC camera can be seen in the gallery.


High end since 1996

In 1996 the first camera scanners for the digitization of art works and archival materials were presented. In 1998 the first high-end scanbacks were presented to the public at the Photokina. In 2007 the first 16k backs were brought onto the market. The first GigaPixel scans with a standard large format camera astonished the public. In 2017 the DiRECT 24k³ camera system was presented, which enables the digitization of 4-fold DIN A0 originals with more than 300dpi. In the macro area, it is used, for example, for the digitization of aerial photographs and other highly detailed transparency material. To do this, 2808 million pixels are captured in one scan.


Rencay true perception GmbH
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