DiRECT Universal V+ Systems

⇨ Easy handling ⇨ High end image quality with 48Bit workflow ⇨ High resolution (600dpi @ DIN A0) ⇨ High throughput ⇨ Expandable and flexible

System with reflected light for all types of originals




Option - Light box

Add the Rencay lightbox to create digitization system for transparencies like glass plates, sheet film or film strips



Option – DIN A0 Kit

  • Plate with grid for DIN A0 documents (removable)
  • Camera mount for DIN A0
  • Extension for the lighting

Option – Macro Kit

Lens for the smallest original size of 10 x 15 cm

Option – Light Control

The light control minimizes the light exposure to the originals by only switching the light on during the scan.
Structural light: the separate control of the lighting units enables the highlighting of structures in the original.


There are 4 different models with different maximum resolutions available. The system can be configured using the options and can also be expanded at a later date.

Universally applicable digitization system for variable original sizes and resolutions:

  • Automatically adjustable capture area and resolution
  • Original size up to DIN A1 +
  • Manual setting options for critical originals
  • Projection system for positioning the original
  • High-end image quality with 48-bit workflow
  • Very good color rendering
  • Color management workflow with quality assurance
  • High throughput
  • LED lighting equipment with optional light control
  • Mobile: The system can be easily dismantled and reassembled on site

Available resolutions:

8k³ - 8000x13000 Pixel - 312 MPixel
Biggest original
       at 300 dpi: 67 x 110 cm or DIN A1+
       at 400 dpi: 50 x 82 cm or DIN A2+
       at 600 dpi: 33 x 55 cm or DIN A3+
Tranparent original (example)
       10x15cm at 2000 dpi

12k³ - 12000x19500 Pixel - 702 MPixel
Biggest original
       at 300 dpi: 101 x 165 cm or DIN A0+
       at 400 dpi: 76 x 123 cm or DIN A1+
       at 600 dpi: 55 x 82 cm or DIN A2+
Tranparent original (example)
       10x15cm at 3000 dpi
       18x24cm at 1650 dpi

16k³ - 16000x26000 Pixel - 1248 MPixel
Biggest original
       at 400 dpi: 101 x 165 cm or DIN A0+
       at 600 dpi: 67 x 110 cm or DIN A1+
Tranparent original (example)
       10x15cm at 4000 dpi
       18x24cm at 2250 dpi

24k³ - 24000x39000 Pixel - 2808 MPixel
Biggest original 
       at 600 dpi: 101 x 165 cm or DIN A0+
Tranparent original (example)
       10x15cm at 6000 dpi
       18x24cm at 3350 dpi



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