Da Vinci on the Touch Table

In collaboration with the University of Bologna, Rencay has digitized selected Da Vinci drawings in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.
In addition to high resolution and best color rendering, the focus here was also on the paint application. For this special point-shaped LED lights were used. Thus, the shadow cast of the paint application could be determined with μm accuracy. Here, the Rencay system scored points, as the structure reconstructed by the algorithms in a digital camera with Bayer filter matrix depends on the image content and this leads to large errors. With the help of the Rencay scan so extremely high-resolution 3D views were created on the Touchtable to admire.

An article on the topic was published by DIGIT in issue 4-2019, which is available as a PDF (only German): Rencay-in-digit-4-2019.pdf or please use following link www.digit.de/da-vinci-auf-dem-touch-table/