Rencay introduces the 24k³ (= 2808MPixel) technology for scanbacks und DiRECT camera systems

"Suddenly, details become visible that no-one has ever seen."

So far, this technology was only available for the large digitization systems. Due to the great interest, this technology is now available as a Scanback or DiRECT camera system. With this resolution, 4x DIN-A0 originals with 300 dpi can be digitized in one scan. This is particularly interesting for plans with a lot of white paper, because these can hardly be stitched due to the few structures. Accordingly, this applies to large and fragile originals that can hardly be moved.

The information content of such a scan is immense and has not been possible in a single scan so far. Also for the 24k³ devices are the functions known from the other devices of the system family, such as shading correction and focus analysis with the help of the DiRECT camera system. The same applies to the color reproduction and the ease of use of the scanning software, which can easily process the 5.4 GByte raw images. The achievable resolution is 24000 x 39000 x RGB pixels.