Service & Support

Your satisfaction with our products and service is a very important part of our business.

Our Rencay products are respected for their unparalleled image quality.  Our customer support and service policy will ensure that your investment will be maintained for many years and will continue to be an important part of your digitization projects into the future.

Warranty/Support:Rencay warrants this product against any defects in materials and workmanship that occurs during normal and proper operation for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Free software updates for the same 2-year period are included. Please contact our sales partner in your country for support.
Installation/Training:Please ask our sales partner in your country about on-location installation and training. We recommend installation and personalized training in your facility to get the maximum performance out or your system.
Service contracts:If you need a special service contract or additional system components, please ask our sales partner in your country.
Upgradeability:All Rencay scanbacks can be upgraded to a higher resolution model at any time. Usually the difference of price between the respective models needs to be paid.
Scalability:Rencay’s system-driven, customizable approach allows Rencay products to be tailored to almost any task and budget. Therefore, any system can be modified at any time for new applications (e.g. for books or transparent materials). Components of the system can be upgraded to new technologies or combined with other equipment keep you up-to-date without having to replace the system completely.

Service Notes for Anagramm Scanbacks:

Rencay offers service for the newer models of Anagramm scanbacks until the end of 2017. Our sales network will check the availability of service for your scanback.