“Digitaler Frühling” at CDS Gromke, Leipzig, Germany

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On 21st April 2017 the “digital spring” took place again at CDS Gromke in Leipzig.

The participants in the past year had opted for the topic “Optimal and meaningful digitization parameters” for 2017. The organizer wanted to make this choice and demonstrate from his practical experience what requirements are appropriate for which types of originals and how efficiently working copies can be generated from the digitized data for various applications.

At the same time, the opportunity to get to know the latest technology to create unrivaled high-end scans worldwide with a Rencay DiRECT 16k³ repro camera system. The developer of the system, Dipl.-Ing. Martin Langfeld, presented the system first hand in person and demonstrated it practically.

CDS Gromke has such a camera system, to be used for the high-resolution digitization of glass negatives and large format originals.


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